Moving Interstate? Challenges We Had To Overcome

moving interstate challenges

There are times when you have to relocate to one city from another because the career opportunity you always dreamt of is in front of you and you need to do some sacrifices to get one step closer to your goal

I had gone through the same experience last week. I had a call from Melbourne for a job interview, the call I had been waiting for a very long time. I was excited and went for the interview the next day. After 5 rounds of interviews and spending a day at their office, I conquered the fort. Yes, I cleared all the hurdles! I received the offer letter next day and had to join within 15 days. At first, I thought moving will be one day's task and I can do it all by myself. I went home, looked around and the first thought that came to my mind was "How will I  be able to move the house all by myself? ". It seemed easy when I hadn't gone through the stuff but now there came the long list of challenges that started haunting the next minute I picked the first item. I had heavy furniture, fragile valuables, electronic items and many other items that not only needed dismantling but packing & transportation as well. I sat down and started feeling low. The risks of moving made me think about dropping the career opportunity. My fiancee was sitting beside me and was going through google looking for moving solutions. She went through many articles like:

checklist for moving interstate Australia

and many other articles related to interstate move and moving house. While reading the article she randomly searched for interstate removalists in Adelaide. After one hour search, we came to a conclusion, Of course Mutually :)

cbd movers

We called one such removal agency and within hours CBD movers came to our rescue. They analyzed the entire house one item to another, discussing to one another about how to move heavy furniture and shared one checklist with us when they were done with the analysis. It had a brief of the items and explained each and every detail of moving with us. How they will dismantle the furniture, bring in packing material to wrap all the valuables and if in any case, we were in need of temporary storage requirements, they had secure storage facilities for the same as well.

I was excited once again because now we had found a solution to our major concern. The relocation day came and we were all prepared from our end. CBD Movers team brought in their expert removalists to take the responsibility for our moving. We stood at one corner looking at their work management and how precise they were with each and every item of ours. They loaded our house items in their truck and we were off to a new start.

I even recommended their interstate removalists Brisbane to my mother in law who was moving to her new house in Perth.

Do share your moving experiences as well .. :)


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